Office of Facility Security Visit Request Form Cleared Employee Request for Foreign Travel.pdf

Visit Request

A Visit Request Form is sent as early as possible of the planned visit to the Facility Security Officer via email.

Authorizing A Clearance

Clearances are authorized:

  • Visit Requests are used to authorization individual’s security clearances. 5-10 days advance notice is required to ensure proper processing of the request.
  • International Visit Requests – security clearances to locations other than a U.S. Government location. 30 days or more notice is required.

U.S. State Department Travel Website:

None of the above can be hand carried; they must be transmitted security office to security office. This allows the receiving facility the opportunity to approve or disapprove the visit.

Required Information

5-10 days prior to the planned trip or meeting, you must complete the Visit Request Form which rquires the following information.

  • Your Full Name(s)
  • Name of Place Being Visited
  • Purpose of Visit
  • Dates of Visit
  • JPAS SMO Code
  • Contact Name – Technical Point of Contact (Non Security Point of Contact)
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Name of Security Officer
  • Security Phone Number
  • Security Fax Number

Employees Responsibility

It is the employee's responsibility to provide the required information to the Facility Security Officer or Designee Person(s) for processing.

  • It is important that the individual requesting the visit request complete all requirements for the Visit Request in full to include complete location, fax number, POC, etc. The Office of Facility Security does not know where you are visiting or where you need access too.
  • Please verify all the information is correct on the visit request prior to sending to Office of Facility Security.
  • Lastly, the visit request needs to be submitted to the Office of Facility Security 5-10 days prior to visit when possible to avoid a possible denial of entrance at the site of your visit.

We will continue to do our best in supporting each and every one of you in a timely manner. Your assistance with this matter is greatly appreciated.